Feb 16, 2013

Build Upgrade

Upgrade list:

  • 660 Ti (from 550 Ti)
  • Case changed to Define R4 (from HAF912)
  • Upgraded HSF fans to SP120’s

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Jan 16, 2013

Bold Predictions for 2013

Here are my 10 bold predictions for the tech industry in 2013. I’ll look back on them at the end of the year and see how close I am to being right.
  1. Valve will make a move to fatally wound console gaming. The re-shift to PC gaming will commence.
  2. The year of the Linux laptop
  3. Apple stock will be worth half of what it is today by December 31, 2013.
  4. Mini ITX will become just as common as ATX among enthusiasts.
  5. Facebook will experience a mass exodus due to privacy violations brought to light.
  6. Twitter will gain record numbers, opposite facebook, because of their stronger stance on privacy.
  7. 2.5k TV’s and 4k projectors will be a ‘hot item’ at Christmas.
  8. Blackberry will be bought by either Toshiba, Sony, or Nokia in an attempt to boost their mobile presence. It will fail miserably.
  9. Smart watches will be a ‘hot item’ at Christmas.
  10. Raspberry pi will sell 10 million units.
Nov 26, 2012

Responsive Design and More Design!

From this point forward, I will not be making any full-fledged websites that aren’t, in some way or another, responsively designed. I just finished the redesign of pixel5.us and novusunion.com. I discovered a bug with jQuery cycle that doesn’t allow it to be resized and remain in the same place on the page, so unfortunately I had to clip that out on the smaller breakpoint, but that was the only caveat of the RD on novusunion.com.

I am also about to start work on a website for a new startup from a good friend of mine in Halifax. His company is called International Technate, and he’ll be doing some pretty cool stuff with metropolitan transit systems. I’m pretty excited to get started on this one. 

I’m also hosting a giveaway contest at Novus Union for a free personal site to the person who does the best job convicing me to do theirs. Gonna be a fun December.

(Source: pixel5.us)

Oct 26, 2012

PixelTweet v1.2

Fixed an issue where multiple different URLs would result in the same hyperlink. 



Oct 17, 2012

PixelTweet is done, but…

Well, last week I made a new twitter widget as I said I would, but unfortunately Twitter has announced that, very soon, all non-authenticated requests will be going away. Why, Twitter? Why do you do this to me? 

Anyway, I would like to be at the forefront of the change, if it is even possible to make a customized widget. I would hope that twitter doesn’t limit external usage to their in-house widgets only. 


Oct 10, 2012

Time to make a new twitter web-widget!

Welp, it looks like my gaming community is a bit more popular than I expected and we’ve already started to exceed our 150 request limit with twitter. I am going to start a new widget soon that makes one request every so often and stores it on the server. Yeehaw! 

So for a little while you might see a ‘fake tweet’ on the homepage… don’t worry, tweets will come back soon! 


Oct 8, 2012

DynamicSigns - Bukkit plugin

Currently work-in-progress. I’ve got the foundation for it, just need to fill in the gaps.

DynamicSigns is a plugin for the Minecraft mod, ‘Bukkit’. What the plugin does is allow the user to create signs that get their text from a remote source (being my database). They can go online to find an extremely user-friendly web application that allows them to make a dynamic sign with a few options:

  • Pure text
  • Latest Tweet (user just enters the @Handle)
  • Last-seen (tells the date, time of the user’s last login)
  • Hyperlinks (right-clicking the sign opens the MC link handler, as in chat)
  • A few HTML snippets, those ideas are still forming… starting with ‘read from .txt URL’
  • Possibly server uptime stats
  • I come up with more ideas daily

Java is, for all intents and purposes, completely new to me. I’m punching my keyboard from time to time, but I’ve gotten some help from some very knowledgeable friends (thanks Chris) to help with the learning process. The frustration level is nothing compared to Android, so I am going to stick with it and get this sucker finished. Mainly because I want to use the plugin on my own server

GitHub: https://github.com/pixel5/DynamicSigns

Sep 25, 2012

If I could do anything, what would I do?

If I could do anything…

It is a questions we have all been asked (and have asked ourselves) more than once. If you haven’t asked yourself this question, you must be a sad, demotivated being and you have my pity. My answer to the question has floated left and right over the last few years but has retained the same core ideas about how I want my life to be before too long.

I’d like to wake up every morning around 7 AM and leave my house at 7:50, putting me at my office at 7:56. 4 Minutes before 8:00 is enough time to start the coffee before the others arrive. I own my office building, or at least I’m the one in charge of renting it, and I work for myself. I have 3 or 4 employees, and we every day we develop things that don’t go overlooked by the world at large. I, myself, am totally in love with the web and visual allure. I want to design websites and web applications. Through experience I have found that being a web designer for others is a hard job to do because you do nothing but deal with people who don’t know what they are talking about (that’s why they hired you) but they seem to think they know everything. No, I’d rather have a product to call my own. I don’t know what it would be, but I would like to engineer something of my own creation. A digital service, a product…something.

If money was not an issue, that is where my dream job would be. Not a huge corporation with a position of fame and importance, but rather a quiet and sane 1200 square foot office. We have our own server room and everything. Our entire operation is totally contained and we are darn good at what we do. Never satisfied to rest on our laurels, but driven to stun the world week-in and week-out.

Of course, dogs would be allowed in the office… a near-requirement, actually. Under my desk is a bed for my chihuahua and various balls and ropes are scattered across the back room. Creativity does not come from routine, so my team is free to work how they want as long as it gets done. You want to play minecraft for an hour to start your day? I want to trust that they are passionate enough about their craft that I don’t have to think twice about it. They would be free to work on projects of their own; again, creativity requires goofing off. We’ll be weird, and that’s the only way I would want it. People would kill to work there.

My job, in general, would be an overseer. I would want enough to keep me from being bored, but enough free time so that I could do things like give guest lectures at a local university or high school during the school day. The opportunity to teach and share what I know is something I’ve always wanted, but something that is almost completely out of reach for someone who doesn’t have a teaching certification or master’s degree.

I am home by 3:30-4 most days, and everyone gets off early on Fridays during football season (priorities, obviously). Seriously speaking, I want to know the families of the people that work for me. My company is not some closed door that their husbands (or wives!) go behind every day to earn money and they are off-limits during that time. I believe it is possible to be LIKED and RESPECTED at the same time as a manager, and I want my employees’ families to like me, not just my employees. Above all, I believe that people matter. We are not simply drones with a skill, but souls with a purpose and emotions, and that doesn’t change when we clock in.

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